Race for the App


Because, sometimes, money is not enough

What started with Race for the Money continues with Race for the App. Out goes the $ and in comes the Ⓐ, but it gets even better. We heard you like apps, so we gave you a way to get more apps with our app! With our addition of race sponsors, it has never been more fun to find great new iOS software!

As a bonus, be sure to check the Sponsors List after the end of every race to see if you can get a promo code to get their app for free! But be quick about it, because winning the race doesn't mean you'll be the first to redeem the promo code!


Developers make it happen!

We rely on the generosity, and marketing savvy, of other iOS developers to provide their promo codes. If you're a developer please submit your app to become a race sponsor! Whether you want to submit 1 promo code to us or all of them, there is no better way to generate interest in people to pay for your app than Race for the App.

If you're not a developer but have seen some iOS software you'd like featured in Race for the App, let them know about us! Odds are pretty good they'll be more willing to participate with us than with any other giveaway. You have nothing to lose by asking.

Extra content

In addition to playing out the standard rules of a Dollar Auction just like Race for the Money does, here are some other great features that have been added to make Race for the App even more fun:
Interest Bearing Accounts
Every day you play, your account gets a credit of 10 app points (aka, Ⓐ0.10). You don't even have to win the race! Participation has never been so rewarding.
Links to the App Store
When you're bidding, you can quickly get to the full App Store listing to find out more about the sponsor's app, or to buy it immediately! And when the race is over, you can go to the Sponsors List to check for an available promo code.
Special "Impossible" Races
While you might think big companies like Apple or popular games like Angry Birds aren't going to list their apps with Race for the App, we're working hard to make sure every app has a shot at appearing as a sponsor.

Infrequently Stated Declarations

I can't figure out how to add funds to my account.
Currently, the only way to add app points to an account in Race for the App is by playing daily. Keep at it, play smart, and eventually you'll have enough to win even the biggest race!
The promo code didn't work.
There is always a chance that an app's promo codes were entered incorrectly, have expired, or were redeemed by other users. If you like the app, please reward the developer by buying it.
I want you to work for free on an app I'd like to see made, and I'll even let you keep half the profits.
As appealing as it sounds to spend time writing and marketing your custom software for the privilege of you taking half the money for our efforts, we must pass. We are, however, willing to take proper contracting jobs for iOS development. Contact us with your budget, timeline, and an overview of the functionality you have in mind.

Special Thanks

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